Discovering the Gift of Food Freedom

Hi, I’m Jason Winters!

I have the privilege of helping people quit dieting so they can discover joy, confidence, and true health success.

However, my road to get here was rocky…

Hiding my Pain Through Food

From the time I was a child, and well into adulthood, I struggled with my weight and I suffered with low self-esteem. I hated how I looked and I hated who I was becoming. I wasn’t happy at all, and the only thing I wanted was to lose weight and feel good about myself. I hid all of this behind a big beautiful smile.

There was a  constant battle with my weight and I was on a diet from 10 years old. Trust me, I tried every plan and program that I could find.  If it came on the diet market, I tried it.  Several times I literally starved myself for 30 days at a time with shakes, pills, and fasts, only to give up and go back to binging on donuts, chocolate, and all things sugar - all in the name of health.

I used food to hide my emotional pain. Whether I was worried, depressed, angry, sad, tired, or stressed — I ate. I felt like my only source of comfort came from the pantry, the vending machine, or the drive-thru.

I used emotional eating to get me through periods of anxiety, depression, low confidence, and other distressing times in my life. 

Then, I used dieting because I couldn’t trust myself to choose the ‘right’ foods to eat. I actually believed that I couldn’t decide for myself. 

If that wasn’t enough, I also used diets to punish my shameful overeating habits.  

And of course I dieted to lose the weight. Why not?  Isn’t that the ‘healthy’ thing to do?  NO!

An unhealthy mindset cannot create or support a fully healthy body.

After spending many years as a severe emotional binge eater and yo-yo dieter with no end in sight and no real solution, I almost gave up.  The idea of experiencing REAL Food Freedom was inconceivable.  But then something amazing happened.  

My A-ha Moment:  It’s Not The Diet!

I finally had my “A-ha!” moment when I realized that diets weren’t going to fix my food addiction. In fact, I wasn’t struggling with my weight because of the food itself, it was the EMOTIONAL pain connected to the years of dieting and long held belief systems. I had created a perfect storm of distrust, body shame, and low self-worth. I was stuck in a binge cycle because I had unconsciously taught my brain that was what it needed to survive or at least feel safe and calm. 

I had to shift my brain away from the limiting beliefs and negativity, and learn how to acknowledge and accept my fears and difficulties without food.  I had to relearn who I really was at my core.  I had to throw away what diet culture had shamed me into becoming.  Only then could I accept the REAL me - flaws and all - and make the emotional shifts needed to overcome my battle with food.  My ability to achieve Food Freedom could never come from a diet program.  Food Freedom would only arrive when I freed myself from fear and achieved acceptance.  

And once I had this moment of true clarity, I knew that if I could change my mindset, I could be free of dieting, weight cycling, binging, and unnecessary health problems.   I had to uncover the core of my negative feelings so that I could enjoy a healthier, happier life. However, that wasn’t the hard part —all the real work took place in my mind.  I had to get rid of the decades of diet programming.

I was an emotional eater looking for Food Freedom and I discovered the perfect solution.

The Last Solution You Will Ever Need

On my journey to mindset mastery, I discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  It was an effective and efficient way to focus on what was truly at the root of my pain and struggles. By using “psychological acupressure,” and tapping on my energy points, I could acknowledge and accept my fears and difficulties.  With practice, I was able to reduce them enough to move forward effortlessly.  Over time I have been able to cleanse them from my mind.

By clearing out the overwhelm, doubts, and fears, I created room in my mind for positive thoughts.  I uncovered the possibility of success.  I revealed the confidence I needed to thrive in my personal life and career.  And I experienced the joy of knowing that I deserve happiness!

I wish I could tell you that my success came overnight, and the steps I took were quick, easy, and painless.  But that isn’t true.  Since I did so much of this work alone, the process was slow and at times, very painful. Diet culture and programming is very pervasive and strong. I had many beliefs and behaviors to unlearn! 

If this sounds like you - I DON’T want you to FEEL ALONE.  I am here to help!

Sharing the Gift of Health 

I share the gift of Food Freedom so you can stop damaging diets and overcome the negative emotions holding you back from the life you want to live. With my help, you’ll discover the confidence and courage you need to do what you really want and enjoy the health you absolutely deserve!

I am very passionate about helping people discover health success on their own terms while experiencing true Food Freedom. You CAN accomplish this too by defeating the emotional battles that lead to anxiety, food overwhelm, and the low self-confidence that comes from distrust and dieting. In turn, you’ll live your life with greater authenticity and fully aligned with your goals and dreams! 

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), or “Tapping,” helped me overcome my food addiction. I dove deeper into the healing methods of EFT, to acknowledge and accept the fears and anxieties that were holding me back in ALL areas of my life. Through Tapping, I was able to get to the core of my emotional obstacles, recognize them, and actively choose to overcome them!

Through EFT, I discovered my confidence as a powerful, gifted coach. I found clarity to move forward towards my goals.  Finally, I fully accepted myself which allowed me to be emotionally and mentally at peace.  Food Freedom & Tapping allowed me to successfully realize my dreams in life, health, and business.

It’s my mission to help thousands of people experience this same success by supporting their goals of improved health and well-being.


Guiding Others Through EFT Coaching

As a Gold-Standard, Certified EFT Coach, Intuitive Eating Facilitator, and Certified Institute for Integrative Nutrition Coach, I provide guided EFT tapping sessions. I’m also the proud founder of The Food Freedom & Tapping App, the FIRST Tapping app specifically dedicated to assisting you release the grip of food, weight, shame, diet culture, and the associated negative emotions that spearhead the downward cycle.

I love seeing the progress that can happen when a person taps into the core of their fears, overwhelm, and limiting beliefs, so they can move beyond them and experience Emotional Freedom.

Once you overcome fear and anxiety, TREMENDOUS things happen, including:

  • Realizing you are enough!

  • Overcoming fears and self-doubt!

  • Breaking through life plateaus and achieving your goals!

  • Thriving in your career or business!

  • Experiencing optimal health and freedom from emotional eating and cravings!

  • Life how you want to live it!

If you’re ready to discover how Food Freedom coaching can help you achieve your desired potential, I am excited to share this opportunity with you!

Get ready to start your own journey today!

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~ Jason Winters


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