9 Ways to TAP into Big Results with Your Clients

Ready to come alive as a powerful force in this world and increase the value of your coaching in the process?


You can’t create a thriving business from a place of confusion, doubt, or worry…

EFT is an acupressure technique that creates peace in the body and mind & connects you to your inner power so you can lead with confidence.

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This powerful training is delivered by 2 Master Coaches with 40+ years of experience.  


Adding EFT to your coaching practice can quickly move unhelpful stuck energy, overcome inner blocks, and help your clients heal faster and get lasting results.


In less than 1 hour this training will help you discover…

✔ What EFT is & why it’s so effective (even if you don’t “believe” in it)

✔ How to dig deeper with your clients so they can address and dissolve core issues that are keeping them stuck. 

✔ How to use tapping to be more productive, go after opportunities & make compelling offers with confidence

✔ Why positive-only thinking doesn’t work & how to use EFT to reprogram your brain’s response to stress

✔ An AMAZING Step-by-Step way to add this technique to your practice so you get clear and measurable results for your clients every time. 

This works if you are coaching 1:1, course creating, group coaching, and more. If you’re coaching or healing, this is for you!

Give me the training!

About your instructors:

Kama & Jason are on a mission to empower coaches to heal their clients through their own personal healing. They have both used EFT in their person and business for over 40+ years. Healing … such as binge eating, PTSD, helping clients….