Become An EFT Tapping Method Coach!

Increase The Value of Your Coaching Offers To Get Your Clients Faster Results, Powerful Breakthroughs & Dramatic Transformations With EFT Tapping


Add This Technique To Your Coaching Offers To Skyrocket Your Coaching Business In As Little As 3-WEEKS plus Get LIVE COACHING, ON-DEMAND TRAINING Tools, Templates, and 24 Hour Community Support 


Most coaches start charging in the thousands for this kind of training, and there aren't many monthly options with a guarantee! 

But we decided to create a comprehensive EFT training with full support that every coach can afford and see a positive return after just 1 session. 

Take advantage of this early bird offer.

Many coaches know something is missing in their coaching toolbox because they struggle to get their clients the results that keep them coming back for more… 

If you want to help all your clients go deeper so they consistently get a lasting transformation much faster, then this is for you.


Here is the uncomfortable truth,

You can only heal your clients as far as you’ve healed. Coaches also need coaches… Real talk👊 

Once you find your next level of success you can help your clients find theirs. 


Does This Sound Familiar? 

You know something is missing in your coaching toolbox. You get good results for your clients, but something is missing. That could be because of 2 things: 

  1. You are attempting to help your clients heal in ways that still feel traumatic or still unresolved within you as a coach.
  2. You’re an expert in your field but you just need more efficient tools in your toolbox to help your clients experience massive breakthroughs.

 Here is what’s been happening to many business coaches, mindset coaches, and health/wellness coaches…

  • You’ve been feeling inadequate when it's time to help your clients get lasting results.
  • You feel triggered when the things you’re trying to help your clients heal are the same things you struggle with.
  • Clients get great results, then they backslide.
  • Clients leave the session highly motivated but don't follow through on the beautiful plan that was laid out; you wonder what happened and begin to blame yourself.
  • Your hourly rate gets diluted because you feel the need to “over-deliver” and give tons of support in between sessions.
  • You prepare well for sessions and pour your heart into your courses, but you never feel like enough when it’s time to deliver. 
  • It’s hard to even say your prices.
  • Procrastination is starting to feel like your middle name.
  • You doubt yourself more than you trust yourself.
  • You have all the technical know-how, but the emotional & mindset blocks keep you from moving forward.

OMG… The list goes on and you are exhausted and feel like giving up.

But Don’t

The EFT Tapping Method For Coaches is a proven signature process that helps you become a

Confident Coach who gets RESULTS, Period! 

We have NO DOUBT that adding EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to your coaching practice will help you:

  • Introduce a proven tool to help your clients get IMMEDIATE results.
  • Grow a solid authentic coaching business with confidence and self-trust.
  • Clear negative energy so you attract your ideal clients who are an amazing fit for your business.
  • Heal your own traumas that keep you stuck and doubting yourself.
  • Break the glass ceiling so you make more money with ease.
  • Enjoy the process of building or growing your coaching business without feeling stressed out.
  • Create powerful transformations and see amazing results.
  • ​Work on your own terms and schedule,​ without sacrificing what is most important to you.

And Most Importantly ​Have A Definite way to know and measure your client's success. (They will know and see their success too.) 

As coaches and business owners we have been through our share of ups and downs... 

Hello I'm Jason,

I am a husband, father, and have been a coach for over 19 years. 

In the beginning of my career, I was so excited to coach. People would come to me for help, and it felt amazing! But as time went on I found it was so much harder than I imagined.

Although my clients were having powerful aha moments and breakthroughs, when I would look back over months of working together, there wasn't a lot of transformation happening. Like I was treating the symptoms, but not finding the cause. 

So I started searching for something...more. I took course after course trying to figure out what was missing. After a while I started to think that the problem was me.

The more frustrated and discouraged I was, the more desperate I became to find the answer. I had developed a really bad case of shiny object syndrome, and it was costing me so much time, energy and money!  

Everything changed when I found EFT. When I started using it on myself, my confidence started to grow. I was told my binge eating was an addiction I would be fighting for the rest of my life, but as I started to heal my relationship with food my binging completely stopped.

I also started to heal my relationship with money. The deeper I healed, the better I became and my life started to change before my eyes. 

This sparked a fire in me to share EFT Tapping with anyone and everyone that would listen. I started watching my clients have life altering transformations and as my success grew other coaches started to approach me to teach them what I was doing.

That started me on my path to create this membership. 🤩

Tell me more

I'm Kama, 

I am a mom of 2, Colorado native, full-time coach and homeschool teacher.
I have always loved coaching people. I started taking classes in high school and built a pretty successful "side business" coaching. But I lacked the confidence to ever consider making it my career. As a passion of mine, I always had a regular stream of coaching clients and new trainings to take. I was comfortable in that groove so life went on that way until...
In 2012 my life was upside down. I was starting over, on my own, with 2 very young kids and a severe case of PTSD. None of the trainings I had taken were helping me. None of the professionals I was seeing helped very much and what's worse, they all told me the best I could hope for was to learn to cope with it...for the rest of my life.
But I'm a determined optimist, so I kept searching until I found EFT Tapping. The results were immediate and turned my whole life around. Within a few years I was a full-time coach, earning over 6 figures doing 1-1 sessions. But I wanted to grow an online business, this felt like starting over from scratch. Running a business online was a new world to me. As I started to grow my business online I struggled with finding my confidence. I kept playing small and hiding behind my fears, consciously and unconsciously. I developed a one step forward, two steps back pattern and I was stuck there for quite a while.
So I did what I do and doubled down to figure out where I was going wrong. I started to learn everything I could about worth, value, receiving, abundance, and how money and growth in my business are directly connected to what I feel that I deserve. More then learning about the feelings themselves I developed an understanding of the relationship between these feeling and our habits, beliefs, mental attitudes and HOW to actually change them for the better. My life transformed. I started working exclusively with entrepreneurs after BIG goals and I was getting amazing results! This led me to developing a system for getting to the heart of what holds us back from our greatness and the things we most desire (or that we are too afraid to desire in the first place). Like Jason I started to get approached by coaches to teach them how I was getting these results. The power of  those bold coaches "making the ask" brought this program to life and I am grateful. 💖
Tell me more

After purchasing our fair share of products and coaching courses ranging from 

$7 to $20,000 we realized 2 things:

1.) Coaches MUST do their own deep inner work before they can expect their clients to do their deep inner work. (We can only take them as far as we’ve healed/grown ourselves)

2.) Coaches need a powerful mind/body/brain energy-shifting tool like Tapping to integrate into their coaching practice.


And that’s when we really dialed in our solution: 

As coaches we had independently searched for advanced training and next level support to nurture and grow our coaching skills and businesses on a continuous basis. We found ourselves paying higher and higher prices to get the level of coaching and support we needed and nothing was really moving the needle, so when we a pretty expensive coaching program...we realized we had been having a very similar experience and started to develop this membership.

You know what they say;

"If you cant find it, build it yourself!"     

Welcome to... 

 The exact step-by-step guide to integrate EFT Tapping into your coaching practice so you get AMAZING RESULTS for yourself and your clients in as little as 21-days.

Enhance your coaching practice with a quick and easy-to-use healing modality. Become a sought-after expert who shows up authentically and creates a healing environment and sells powerful transformations with confidence and ease.

Let Us Introduce You To The Most Impactful Tool You Can Add To Your Coaching Toolbox: 

  The Tapping Method For Coaches

When you join...

You get everything you need to learn EFT and start Tapping with your clients in as little as 3 weeks. You will build your reputation as the go-to expert in your niche and become a fully booked online coach faster than you think.

You’ll get access to:
  • Complete Training with EVERYTHING you need to know to heal yourself and your clients using EFT.
  • EFT Tapping scripts that we use to help our clients heal.
  • ​An ever-growing resource library with scripts, workbooks, templates, and business-building ideas.
  • ​Access to the Inner Circle Facebook Community with 2 powerful coaches, Jason and Kama, that's over 4 decades of experience! 
  • Connect with fellow coaches for accountability, connection, and support.
  • ​Feedback on your client sessions, personal healing, and business building strategy in the Facebook Inner Circle.
  • ​2 Monthly Live Coaching and Q&A Sessions 
  • ​New templates, planners, and tools every month
  • Modules that provide you with a step-by-step healing & growth strategies 


PLUS $1964 Value of Amazing BONUSES!

This coach had her first $20k month after adding EFT to her coaching business!!!


We are so convinced of the methods and tools shared in this success club because they have helped both of us to completely change our lives and create the business of our dreams so we can now serve clients at a very high level.

We have a question for you...

If adding tapping allows you to upsell just one more coaching session or increase your prices by just 10% you’ll be in profit mode in the next 3 weeks. 

Imagine how you’ll feel when the success stories come pouring in from raving clients who are recommending you to their friends and family.  

Your own confidence will be boosted when you integrate this proven tool into your coaching business and get POWERFUL results for you and your clients!

We love celebrating our client wins…

But what we love more is celebrating our client’s clients’ wins because that's when we know we are creating a ripple effect.

Do you think that adding a stress reduction tool to your practice can help you get greater results for your clients? 

Do you think reducing just 50% of your own procrastination, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm in your business will help you positively move forward and earn more?



👉The Tapping Method for Coaches is for two specific people…. 

Join The EFT Tapping Method For Coaches!

You won’t need another certification or to spend thousands of dollars to help your clients heal their core issues. Shifting your own energy from limiting beliefs will help you become a sought-after coach with a community of raving fans.

With aligned energy and a proven tool to support your clients, you will Shatter Your Inner Glass Ceiling. You will become a magnet for people that are an amazing fit and crave your coaching services, and the results you get for your clients will speak for themselves when you use EFT Tapping with them.

If you’re asking yourself…

“I already know Tapping and bought so many things that didn’t help me… 

Why do I need The EFT Tapping Method For Coaches?”

Then let us tell you this:

  • This is nothing like the things you’ve bought before 
  • ​This will help you to flip the energy switch from chasing clients to being chased by them
  • ​This will allow you to get the accountability, practice, feedback, and support to become an even better coach that creates outstanding results using EFT Tapping
  • ​This doesn’t only give you theory and knowledge, it also gives you done-for-you templates, scripts and worksheets that you can use in your business instantly.
  • ​You aren’t in this alone anymore. Be part of a supportive community of amazing people that are on the same healing journey.
  • ​There is no risk (7-day money back guarantee and you can cancel at any time)
  • ​This costs less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks a few times a week but other than the coffee, this has the potential to change your whole life bringing your business from desperation and neediness to confidence and abundance.
Plus, you'll be back by our seven days no questions asked guarantee. We know this method is going to help you level up your coaching, receive more clients, and attract more to your business. We know when you join the program, put in the work, learn the system, and apply it in your practice, that you're going be able to create excellent results for your clients and for yourself. But, if for any reason within, within seven days, you are not satisfied or you determine this is not the right fit for you, simply email us, and we'll process a refund in full.

We stand by the things we share with you in this success club because they made us highly skilled intuitive Master Coaches…

and we want the same for you!

Go from being doubtful about your skills and feeling fear ➤➤➤

to being crystal clear about the transformation process and the journey you take your clients on.


Stop trying different “guessing” methods that are uncertain, time-consuming, complicated, or simply don’t work anymore and ➤➤➤

have a simple, clear strategy that you can (if that’s what you want) speed up with results-based transformation.

Stop fighting alone ➤➤➤

get support, feedback, accountability, networking, and practice opportunities in

our amazing members-only community.

Frequently asked questions


Q: I am a new coach and I'm just getting started. Will this still work for me?

A: Yes, this works especially well for new coaches and confused coaches. There are many pieces of training that will teach you everything you need to learn along the way.

Q: I've been coaching for a while. Will I still find value?

A: Yes, this success club will provide you with resources, templates, a community, support, networking, accountability, and opportunities that will help you to get your coaching business to the next level. You’ll be better equipt to implement what you already know.

Q: Can I wait and join next month?

A: Yes of course. You can wait but the price might increase. Maybe, maybe not. It’s your choice, either way, my friend.

Q: How much support is included?

A: It is our intention to respond to all members within 24-hours Monday - Friday. We meet via Zoom 2x per month to get your questions answered and guide you through whatever you need support with.

Q: Does this only work for certain types of coaches?

A: No, this works for all kind of coaches, consultants, therapists who want to help their clients with a powerful transformation.

Q: I don't have confidence in myself. Will this still work for me since I tend to start and stop programs?

A: YES! This success club helps you to build your confidence. You will begin to have and celebrate your small wins from day 1. Although these results have been proven repeatedly, if you don’t do the work, you will not get results. If you follow the steps, YOU WILL GET RESULTS!. 

Q: I don't have a coaching program or offer yet. Will this still work for me?

A: YES! This success club helps you to craft your signature offers strategically.

Q: I don't have an audience or email list yet. Is that a problem?

A: No, this is one thing that this success club will help you with. You will get the tools and strategies you need to grow a loyal tribe and engaged email list fast.

Q: When will I get access?

A: You will receive an email with all the details immediately after your purchase and will get access to our inner circle group within 24 hours.

Q: Can I cancel the membership?

A: Yes, you can cancel this membership at any time.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, there is a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.



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